Recycled Clam Shells

Recycled Clam Shells

We care about our planet & that is why we are committed to being an ethically sourced, cruelty free & vegan friendly brand. We are very conscious about the impact single use plastics are having on the environment and were determined to find something better…

So we are absolutely delighted to introduce to you the best alternative on the market, Recycled Polypropylene (rPP).

 Recycled Polypropylene (rPP) is a widely sought after recycled material and is as environmentally friendly as it’s possible to get at the moment. This is because of it’s ease of recovery from waste streams, it’s compatibility if mixed with other polymers and it’s ability to use additives to adjust it’s processing and end mechanical properties.

You will slowly see an increase in both these luxury clamshells & our usual decorative products – now carefully packaged in glassine bags.

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