Open Box Shipping Service

Open box shipping means you can order whenever you like, as many times as you like, adding multiple purchases to one box & only pay shipping once you close your box. Please be aware open boxes will not be shipped until your box has been closed & postage paid.

How Does It Work?

To start an open box all you need to do once you have chosen your products, is  simply select the ‘Start / Add to box’ option . (This will remove shipping costs)You can continue adding to your open box whenever you like using the ‘Add to box’ option at checkout.When you would like for your box to be closed and shipped use the ‘close box option’ & postage will be applied. Please Note: If your open box goes over 2KG additional postage will be required.

The ‘Start / Add to open box’ option should not be used as a free postage option. If this option is incorrectly used, your order will not be refunded.