Rose Gold Marble Candle



Add an elegant splash of colour with these luxury hand dipped Rose gold marble candle.

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Add a splash of colour with these luxury hand dipped blue & silver marble candle.

  • Eco friendly Soy Candle with vegan friendly fragrance
  • Long lasting scent
  • Refillable – Refills coming soon!
  • Limited Edition vessels

Candle Care

On the first burn ensure you burn your candle for 2-4 hours, until you have a complete pool of melted wax across the top.

This ensures a clean and even burn with no fragrance & wax wastage.

Before Relighting your candle ensure the wick is trimmed & remove any debris,

this encourages an even burn, steady flame and limits mushrooming of the wick.


Vanilla, Tropical Twist, Vanilla, patchouli & Sandalwood, Peony & Lychee, Black Amber & Lavender


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