We are incredibly passionate about the conservation of our planet and made the conscious decision to not only create luxury products that are cruelty free, Vegan-friendly, and ethically sourced but to ensure that everything, right down to our packaging is as kind to the environment as possible.

Below are just a few of the steps we have taken towards a more sustainable future…

Plant Based Wax

Our wax blend is plant based vegan friendly & cruelty free. Organically grown & sustainably sourced, free from animal bi-products & synthetic additives. In an effort to a minimize waste, we use the left-over wax from the production of our larger melts to make our signature wax melt samples.

Cruelty-free Fragrance

Our fragrances are free from animal derived products & ingredients known to cause severe hazards to health. Making for a safer, cleaner & non-toxic burn.

Natural Fibre Wicks

Our candles are powered by 100% natural braided fibre wicks, coated in plant based wax.

Non-hazardous Dye

The colour work in all our products is created using non-hazardous, vegan friendly & cruelty free dyes, as well as ethically sourced pure grade mica.

Plastic-Free Glitter

All glitters used in our creations is plastic free & cruelty free. Made from eucalyptus & plant-based vegetable starch, it is biodegradable, landfill & ocean friendly, leaving no lasting impacts on our planet!

Ethically Sourced Mica, Crystals & Botanicals

All the mica, crystals & botanicals used in our creations has been ethically sourced from reputable suppliers, within the UK where possible.

Our mica is 100% natural, cosmetic grade, cruelty free, vegan & ethically mined from rock, free from child labour.

Eco-friendly Packaging

We package our wax melts in biodegradable clear & frosted bags to preserve scent – Our products would come completely naked if scent wasn’t lost from doing so.

Recycled Labels & Stickers

All our labels & stickers are designed & printed in house on Recycled FSC® certified paper from responsibly managed forests.

Biodegradable Peanuts

Our protective packaging peanuts are made from 100% starch and are certified biodegradable. Simply place them in your compost bin / under running water & watch them disappear.


We ship all orders with the utmost care using Recycled FSC® certified boxes from responsibly managed forests, acid free tissue paper, biodegradable packing peanuts to protect your items (as mentioned above) & acid-free, vegan friendly Kraft packaging tape.